lunedì, agosto 22, 2005

It’s a long time since i last wrote something in English and i don’t know why i spent the last week thinking about my staying in London, constantly.
It may be because of the weather, it has been raining for two days, it may be because holydays are going to the end and time to go back to “school” is coming soon…I just know that I’d like to start the new season in London; Autumn in the city, walking through Hyde Park again, with a cup of hot coffee in one hand and the last copy of “Good Food” in the other, looking at the squirrels going around madly and looking for a place to save from the rain!
I miss all the little streets, all the shops, all the smells of that city…I miss the colors of the people, I miss the crowd of turists and the marvellous quietness of those borough just beyond the corner.
Surfing the net I found some pics from the Borough Maket, one of the most interesting place in London, I made a collage with some from Neal’s Yard, the “mecca” for those who could live just with cheese! Squit…

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rowena ha detto...

Gaia, thanks for the foodblog map info. I went there to put my link!

Sorry, these days we are just really, really busy. My son is here from Hawaii for a short visit (he's only 19) and we've taking around Lecco and Como...but you know, the weather has been a SCHIFEZZA! Also, worrying about the house and all that stupid stuff! Mamma mia!

Anyway, we hope to go to Da Claudio so that my son can visit a sushi place in Italy. Will let you know if are able to get there!

Gotta go again...too many things to do. CIaooooooooooooo!

Tana Butler ha detto...

I love your Italian/English blog. Thank you for putting a pin in the map. (Do you know any food bloggers in Spain? Can you tag them?)

Keep up the good work.

I am enjoying the last little bit of a truckle of Montgomery cheddar cheese from Neal's Yard Dairy that a friend brought. Heaven!


londonchef ha detto...

Hey! I'm flattered that you enjoyed my photos from Neals Yard Dairy enough to include them in your collage! It's like seeing the cds I used to design in the music store! Thanks and I appreciate the reminder of how cool London is.