mercoledì, agosto 24, 2005

ancora qualche Nocciolino, e in fondo le crostatine
Gaia's pics

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rowena ha detto...

Hi Gaia!

Just trying to read up on posts and I love all of the recent photos. The cookies look so yummy! I want to try making the stuffed grape leaves soon...those look delicious!

rowena ha detto...

Hi Gaia,

I just read your comment on my site and am happy to hear that you're back! We spent a day in Milano on Saturday to show my son the duomo and take him to Da Claudio's. We're planning to go again (he LOVES the shops and all the people around there). I think we'll go to see the Museo Nazionale della Scienza. We're not sure what day but maybe you can suggest some other restaurant to eat at? I would like to try another japanese restaurant/sushi bar.

fiordizucca ha detto...

se ti mando 2 biscotti al te verde, mi mandi due al cioccolato? ;)

Anonimo ha detto...

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Anonimo ha detto...

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