venerdì, agosto 12, 2005

il men� di Poldo's..
Gaia's pics

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rowena ha detto...

Oh my god! I am just mesmerized by the photos of the menu of the Gyros! Reading everything is making me hungry!!!

Gaia, I am looking forward to more pics! And of course if you will write your adventures in italian, no problem for me to understand. I recently found a link to another italian blog and it had some info on Corsica! Heh heh, you must know already that I would love to go there... I hear they make fantastic cheese. :-)

Oh, about your comment about your kitchen---whatever you choose, I'm sure that it will atleast meet your needs in the kitchen. I know, it costs so much! I was so shocked. We have some friends who live in a mansarda and their problem was always with height.

I am glad the my husband made the final decisions for the kitchen. If I chose what I wanted, it wouldn't look like a home kitchen, it would look like a restaurant kitchen! :-D

rowena ha detto...

Hey Gaia!

I tried your bocconcini al limone recipe last night...really yummy!

We hope to visit Da Claudio's again soon... I haven't had sushi in such a long time!