lunedì, maggio 16, 2005

I need a bit of Spring today...
Gaia's pics

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rowena ha detto...

Gaia I love all of your photos! The sushi...yum! Yesterday there was uhm...the grandine here but it didn't make much damage to the plants. I really like fresh cilantro/coriandolo for asian recipes and my husband was successful at growing some for me.:-)

As for your question about eating in Florence... you know, I have never eaten at restaurants there. Only at gelaterias!!! Haha, sorry, I'm just very greedy for gelato. However I can give you some suggestions that were in the Slow Food book.

Da Burde
Via Pistoiese, 6 r-154 n
Tel. 055 317206
Chiuso la domenica

Da Nerbone
Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo
Tel. 055 219949
Chiuso la domenica

Il Cibreo
Via dei Macci, 122 r
Non ha telefono
Chiuso domenica e lunedì

Via della Rosina, 2 r
Tel. 055 218550
Chiuso la domenica

Via Senese, 89 r
Tel. 055 220542
Chiuso martedi' e mercolediì

Tre Soldi
Via D'Annunzio, 4 r-a
Tel. 055 679366
Chiuso venerdiì sera e sabato

Have a great time and I hope that you will post something about it. I still must try a bistecca fiorentina (Che peccato che non l'ho assaggiata ancora!) ;-)

rowena ha detto...

Hi Gaia!
I really must try that gelateria that you mentioned in your comment! (sigh) I just don't know when we will be going into Milan again...this weekend we go to take the doggie. Always busy on the weekends! Also, we just bought a good gelataio machine and now I am just crazy to make all kinds of flavors. ihih...Infact, right now I'm searching online for interesting/strange flavors. I hear that there is a gelato flavored with tartufo??? I don't think it's possible for us to buy the REAL tartufo---maybe better to use only l'olio tartufo eh? ;-)

Incredible that Stefano was able to eat 800g of meat! I am looking forward to summer---lots of grigliate! You are so lucky, #1. You are italian. #2. You grew up here. Italian food (the real traditional stuff) mi piace tantissimo! Beh, mio marito é invidioso perché nelle Haway, ci sono papayas e ananas sempré....e non troppo caro! Infatti, a volte gratis!