mercoledì, maggio 25, 2005

Sky…no clouds, just swetness!

One week a go I went in a pet-shop to look for a puppet, I was thinking about a Labrador and in mi thought I was wondering of a female; I talked with the owner of the shop who told me some days before that he was going to receive four new puppets, two couples of brothers and sisters…and to go there just to have a look and maybe starting playing with them in order to choose the right one, that’s what I did without anyone else knew it but my aunt and Ste.
My mum didn’t know anything about what I was doing and she did not expected I was taking her with me on Thursday to get the pet home!
Anyway, I went to the shop, and just after a while I was in those four dogs were taken in, and they were two Golden Retriviers and two Labradors; I fell in love as soon as I saw my little Sky.
I started caressing all of them but after short time the other three fell asleep and Sky went on playing with my hand…it has been love at first sight for both!
I gave a deposit for the dog promising that I would have come back the day after to take him home;
On Thursday afternoon, after bringing Riccardo, my little cousin with me, I went to my mum’s office after her work-time, and telling her that I needed a new pair of shoes, I brought her to the pet shop, I took her into and I told her that we were going to buy that dog! At first, she told me I was crazy, and that she didn’t want a pet in her house, she was not about to take care of him…but as soon as she saw Sky, she fell for him too…so we took a taxi back home with our brand new baby!
My dad stop talking with me when he got home and saw the dog! He told me I am a selfish, crazy and thoughtless person.
Anyway just after two days, as soon as he comes back home after work he say hallo to Sky first and then to me….he loves him!
I was a bit worried the first night because I didn’t know how to behave in case that Sky would not have sleep…but he was so tired that he fell asleep and just woke up twice to drink his water. He slept in my room.
Last weekend me and Stefano went to Firenze for a visit of the city, because I’d never been there before and I booked for the room two months ago, and we already had the train tickets, so we could not posticipate, so I had to bring Sky to Ste’s house, and leave him with Ste’s parents…Sky was happy because he could play with Ste’s little cousins for two days; I was worried that he would have caused some damages to the house, but he was an angel, he slept al night long by himself, played with the kids, having his food…no problems at all! I’m still surprised!
He’s born on 2nd of April, so he’s not even two months old, he’s so white and fluffy, so smooth and tender…every time ready to play, to bite my foot and my hands…he’s my grace!
I wanted a dog for such a long time, and now he’s here with me…he’s as faithful as a baby, and he now depends on me for everything..
My mum is really happy now he’s with us, she always caresses him and play with him!!!
She’s not angry anymore and my dad as well!
As soon as the vet tell me I can bring Sky out for a walk I would bring him to the park, and then to meet Tommy, Ste’s Golden Ret., yes we have the same kind of pet!
That’s all falks…for now, I mean!

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