martedì, maggio 03, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Uhm, well you should decide which one to call home, and then you can say “home sweet home”.
Ok I am back in Milan, but this doesn’t mean that I’m happy to be here. I left London on Saturday 22th to go to Anna’s in Edinburgh and spend there three days, to say hallo to her and stay together after four months! And those days have been great, really funny and tiring, but when I was about to leave to come back to Italy, I was upset because I had to realize that it couldn’t last forever!
= (
Anyway, I saw that the last time I wrote something was about my visit at the Kew Gardens, so I now should update my report…well I have to sum up the last week as a Londoner, and try to put together few words for the Scottish days.
The second week in London was running in a sort of new routine, because the days were already planning, at least for the first part…breakfast + morning walking,(someone told that you should count 10.000steps a day to get fit and lose some weight…I think that it’s better a good walk to go where you need…me and Dali used to walk every single morning for about 25-30mins and that was perfect not to get weight and as substitutive for the fitness centre!) + school + lunch break and then finally free to discover the city!
I went to the British Museum on Tuesday, but I’m not really sure, I just know that I went there on a rainy afternoon and I stayed there until time to get home for dinner. This time it was full of people, full of turists and classes on school trip. Going there I met a girl who asked me for the street, and when I told her that I was going in the same direction we started walking together and talking, and she told me that she was from Spain and she was in London to improve her English and to study…the same as I was doing!
On Wednesday during break time I arranged to go out with some classmates, and we decided to go to nearest cinema to watch “The Interpreter”. Beautiful movie, really interesting and comprehensible. The show started at 9.00pm and that was the last of the night!!!! Anyway we have other times to go out!
To reach the cinema, which was near to the school, just 10mins walking away me and Dali decide to go by foot instead of waiting for the bus, but after the movie we were a bit tired so we thought it would have been better take the bus…so we waited for it, we took it, but after just on stop we had to get of because the main door was broken, so we had to go back home again by foot…lot of sport that day!!!
I didn’t go out as much as I thought I would have before leaving, but I’m happier because I felt so well with the Senns, and the atmosphere was so comfortable that spending the time after dinner with them just talking and laughing together made me glad!
One of the other things I really appreciated was the time spent with my class mates; in the second week we were just 10, so we had the chance to know each other a little bit more, to talk before the lessons started, and during break times. They all were intelligent people, so we could even talk about the election of the new Pope, or anything else, it has been really useful for my English, because when I came back from London in December, I was really worried…I couldn’t say three words without making mistakes, and that made me upset! But talking in English for two entire weeks, 24/7 was what I was looking for!
On Thursday I went to the City University, to get some information about the Post graduated courses, I found a Journalism course which could be the one I might attend next year after taking the first degree; this would be a full course, as one of our “laurea specialistica”, but much, (much, much, much….much), more serious than ours! Even because they give you the possibility to choose between four or five courses not just two!!!!!
At the same Univ. there’s also an other course which I’d really like to attend, it is called “Food writing”, but this is just an evening course, but anyway they have it, we don’t.
The Univ. is placed in a nice and calm borough, the day was warm so before coming home, I wanted to see how was around and I started walking and watching…I found a nice little street full of tiny shops, strange tiny shops, and a restaurant called “Moro”, which I think is quite famous; it was about 4pm and out of the rest. There were all the chefs sit at the small tables in a circle, who were talking, relaxing smoking cigarettes and having some fun before working again for the evening time. I took a pic of them because they looked like they were really enjoying their time.
I had no idea of where I was, but it didn’t scare me and I didn’t care too much…it was full of buses, so I just decide to walk for a while, and then just look for a bus going in the direction I suppose I would have find a tube station…and that’s exactly what I did…after an hour I found a tube station and I got home.
The day after was the last one…Friday21th! Last morning walk, (no..not last breakfast…), last lessons, last everything!
In the early afternoon I met Stefania again; she took me to the “Borough Market” near the London Bridge tube st. She told me the story of the market, which is an open market where you can find lots of different kinds of food. We arrived there during lunch break for all the people who works for companies, on in banks, so it was full of really smart men who were eating huge sandwiches, or panini, or kebabs, or just a slice of cake…drinking a pint of ale! It was funny looking at them, because they were so smart, dressed properly for their jobs, and they were eating, drinking and laughing sit on the grass and enjoying the sun! we walked trough the market tasting the smell of the spices, or watching at the beautiful fruits, (ah…in the Jamie Oliver’s “ Jamie’s dinners” there’s a pic of him looking at a stand of mushrooms…that stand is of the most famous in the Borough Mrkt.), just out of the market there’s the right shop for mice…the Neal’s Yard, a cheese shops for gourmands, there’s an other in Covent Garden, (I’m sorry I can’t remember the place..when I’ll find the internet site, I’ll write it!), as soon as I enter I was caught by the strong smell of all those cheese, and I realized that was becoming a little mouse…I love cheese, as much as chocolate!!!
There you can find French cheeses, or real british cheese as the Cheddar, blend, stronger (I don’t know the right word to translate “stagionato”), and all the creamy cheeses. Wow the Ultimate Cheese Overdose!
After that, me and Stefi went for a coffee in a small cafeteria near to the field where all the smart men were still eating. We were talking and after a while we turned our head because we saw something strange was going on…they were shooting a commercial just beyond us, we sit at a table and at the table beside our there was a men wearing a strange coat and a young blonde girl who looked like one of the ‘30s actresses, and an other girl wearing a long beige coat as the Humphrey Bogart’s in Casablanca…the table was full of empty cups of coffees so we supposed the commercial was to promote the brand of h coffee or the cafeteria itself! Still don’t know!


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