mercoledì, maggio 25, 2005

Gaia's pics

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rowena ha detto...

Hi Gaia! Sky is ADORABLE!!!!! I am so so sorry that I haven't visited for some time. The truth is, we went to get Maddie this past Saturday, May 21st, and I (we) have been adjusting to having a little puppy in the house. She wakes up twice during the night wanting to play and I am EXHAUSTED! I don't like to bother my husband to care for the dog at night because I know he has to wake up early for work.

Anyway, I am teaching her to 'poop' and 'peepee' on the giornale in the soggiorno and to follow me when I attach the guinzaglio. She's a good doggie, but sometimes so stubborn!! We cannot take her outdoors to the park until the vet gives all the necessary medications.

How is it with teaching Sky? I had no idea how much different it would be to raise a puppy in the house because all the dogs I had before were kept outside. My parents NEVER allowed animals in the house when I was younger.

Now I'm just concerned to train Maddie properly so that I can maybe take her on the train one day and visit you and Sky! Right now she is only 11 weeks and about 1100 grams. Ha! Not so much more than a box of carnaroli rice!

We haven't yet brought our puppy to visit my suoceri but when do, it should be interesting. They would never allow pets in the house either. Maybe they'll change their mind when they see Maddie. I'll try to post pictures next time.

Yawnnnn..sono stanca!!!!