domenica, luglio 03, 2005

Raspberry Creamy Chilled Cheescake

Two days ago I went to my grandparent's and my nanny gave me a little basket of glorious raspberries..her last grown berries, as soon as i taste them i felt on tinies so tasting and sweet and delicious; i was wondering about using them for a "Sorbetto", or a very creamy "Gelato", but then lookig at my great cheescake book, i found this recipe..well i found the "base version" of the cake, and then i just changed something...I used 2/3 ricotta and just 1/3 philadelphia, i wanted to use "agar agar flakes", instead of gelatine leaves, but i'm a bit worried with the amount yet; anyway the result has been good and my grandparents did like it very much!


For the base:
1cup (250g) digestive biscuits
¼ cup (80g) butter, melted

For the filling:

3 leaves of gelatine, (colla di pesce)
¼ cup of water
200g ricotta
150g Philadelphia
½ cup (120g) custer sugar
Raspberry…as much as you like

-Combine biscuits and butter; press onto bottom of 9-inch springform pan. Cool in the fridge while combining the filling.
- Soften gelatine in water; stir over low heat until dissolved,
-Combine cream cheese, ricotta and sugar, mixing on electric mixer until well blended;
- Add the raspberry and go on mixing gently…the berry will give a beautiful pink colour to the filling.
- Gradually add gelatine, mixing until well blended, again;
-Chill until slightly thickened; do it overnight
- Just before serving top with other berries and mint leaves…

Enjoy your slice…or the whole cake! = )

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Gia-Gina ha detto...

Ah! a post in English. I love the berries, everything looks delicious. Summer rolled into one dish actually. I found cream cheese at the grocery store and I will make a classic New York Cheesecake when things cool down and I can bear to turn the oven on. Take care and let me know where to post the answers to the questions you sent me. Ciao!

Anonimo ha detto...


Ho letto il tuo messaggio su CucinaIT con il link al tuo blog. Ho appena copiato la ricetta del tuo cheesecake... sembra proprio buono. Io penso che dovrò usare agar-agar perché qui a Singapore non trovo la colla di pesce. Ti farò sapere come viene...


rowena ha detto...

Oh my god! That cheesecake looks sooooo good! (hehe, I have a weakness for cheese anything).

I love the all the berries, the colors, and how you put the photo together. Super yummy stuff!

I'm sorry that you couldn't meet us at the lake on Sunday! It was so bright, our eyes were hurting when we got back. We only went from Lecco to Bellagio and ate lunch. Maddie was a good girl until we got to the restaurant and then she pee-peed on the floor! I was so embarassed but the owner was still nice.

Today it's a little cloudy, but hot enough to to laundry!